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    Dave Ko is a photographer / filmmaker / motion director whose visual expression go beyond just photography. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Dave and his partner Vivian are proud parents of an three adorable kids, including twin girls. Having lived in Seoul then Toronto then Los Angeles and now Vancouver, the personalities of these cities have definitely influenced his visual style and given him a unique lens by which he sees the world.

    At a young age Dave’s father who was an avid amateur photographer introduced him to the allurement of film. He’s been bewitched ever since with the magical process of photography which he describes as “capturing a sliver of time to make it timeless.” His formal training in photography started in high school whereas a teen he joined photography workshops and courses he took with older adults. While in film school, he further honed his skill not just as a photographer, but as a visual artist in the darkroom processing and printing prints. His study in motion picture helped establish the natural storytelling aspect of his work.

    Dave’s fascination with people and human behaviour has drawn him to study and focus on portrait photography, where capturing the essence of a person was more than just making a pretty picture. His foundational belief is that behind every face, every person there are a million stories waiting to be discovered. Simplicity and minimalism are defining traits in much of this work as a photographer and visual artist, where he tries to strip away the unnecessary elements to bring the viewer’s attention to what he sees as fascinating about his subjects. When he’s not holding a camera, he can be found in the pottery studio making ceramic creations or reading everything he can get his hands on.

    Dave is also the founder and creative director of Akomplis Studios, a multi-disciplinary studio that creates video, motion graphics, and other digital content for television, internet and mobile platforms. His work has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, ESPN, TBS as well as advertising for national and international campaigns. You can see his professional commercial work at

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